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FFEI RealPro ColourCloud Overview

RealPro ColourCloud provides a cost effective, web based, colour profiling toolkit that allows the creation of CMYK ICC profiles and Device Link profiles.

RealPro ColourCloud offers a “try before you buy” approach allowing users to create and test profiles before purchasing them. This offers users the functionality of advanced colour tools as and when required without major investment or an increase in fixed costs.

Because FFEI’s solution is “cloud” based this offers reduced software maintenance and hardware costs and provides centralized offline data storage allowing 24/7 access from any location.

RealPro ColourCloud Ink Saving

RealPro ColourCloud offers the ability to include Ink Saving parameters when creating ICC profiles or device link profiles. This is done during the profile creation process via a suite of controls that allow ink saving or TAC (total area coverage) to be specified.

Ink saving has many side benefits as well as cost savings related directly to ink consumption.

These include:

  • Better Shadow detail
  • Improved image quality
  • Quicker drying times and reduced “lay-off”
  • Improved printability and consistency
  • Decreased make ready time