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RealPro ColourCloud Find out more Features & Benefits How do I get started?

What do I need to get started?

Simply create an account and specify a user name and password and you can access RealPro ColourCloud immediately.

Users can upload measurement data from any measurement device which can create CGATS or CxF compatible data files.

Typical solutions that will support this are as follows:
  • Measuring Device - X-Rite Eye-One, X-Rite Eye-One IO, X-Rite DTP 70
  • Software - X-Rite Measuretool, X-Rite Colorport

RealPro ColourCloud allows ICC and Device Link profiles to be created and tested free of charge. Profiles may only be downloaded once they have been purchased by redeeming a credit token.

Tokens can be bought in a variety of bundle sizes for both ICC and Device Link Profiles from the RealPro ColourCloud store accessed from the users “Account Settings” tab.

The tokens are sent by email and must be added in the users “Account Settings”.

Using RealPro ColourCloud profiles in an ICC based workflow

Any product or application that allows you to import a standard ICC profile or ICC Device Link profile can benefit from RealPro ColourCloud.

The benefits of an ICC based workflow are many. With RealPro ColourCloud you can implement an ICC based workflow within a simple application such as Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat or build the profiles into an automated pre-press workflow job ticket such as FFEI’s RealPro Workflow System.